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One trip, two lands: The Biblical Tour of Israel and Jordan

ByKenes Christian Tours February 16, 2018

You probably would never think about sojourning to the Land of the Bible without visiting holy Jerusalem old and new, Bethlehem, the coastal plain from Jaffa to Caesarea, and the many sites in the Galilee, including Nazareth, the Jordan River, Capernaum, Tabgha, the Mount of the Beatitudes and Magdala.  However, to make your trip complete, while you’re “in the neighborhood,” there are other must-see spiritual sites that will surely expand your perspective of biblical history.

The country of Jordan, a quick side-trip from Israel, another axis of our scriptural past, features a whole new dimension.

Making the most of your time

Biblical-Tour-of-Israel-Jordan_300x225Kenes Christian Tours gives you a distinct insight into this region by combining the best of Israel with highlights of Jordan into one exciting Biblical Tour of Israel and Jordan adventure. The tour takes you to many of the destinations from the time of Jesus, plus regional sites, not to be missed, such as the Dead Sea, Petra and Tel Aviv.



For example, on Mt. Nebo, Moses first cast his eyes upon the Promised Land. From this exact point, today, you can see the spectacular panorama of the Jordan Valley, Jericho and the Dead Sea. In Jordan’s city of Madaba, mosaics tell the story, with an ancient floor map of the Holy Land, as well as the remains of a mosaic-floored Byzantine-era church. In Wadi Musa – the Valley of Moses – Moses is said to have struck water from the rock. Jerash, one of the ancient Roman Decapolis cities located in the fertile heights of the Gilead Region, presents colonnaded streets, baths and a hilltop temple.


This spiritual Christian journey is so popular that tours depart weekly all year-round, guaranteed.