55 years of excellence - Kenes Christian Tours

55 years of excellence

Kenes Christian Tours was established in Israel in 1965. We have become the leading Tour Operators for Religious Tours, both Christian and other, visiting the Holy Land, Israel.

During the past 55 years, we have built relationships, based on dedication and reliability with our suppliers here in Israel which allows us to give you a tour of the highest quality, at the best possible value.

Our Tour Operators here at Kenes Christian Tours are well versed in the knowledge of Christian Tourism in Israel and are trained and equipped to cater to the ever increasing Christian market.

Top Travel Experts with true Christian spirit

Our staff is considered some of the best in Israel. Our purpose is to bring to you the Christian spirit of caring for one another, goodness and warm hospitality. Whatever your request, whether relating to group size or any other specifics, our staff will ensure that we offer you the best service possible.

The emphasis is to work closely with all Christian, Messianic and Evangelical communities.

We work with many different Tour Guides and Educators; all exceptionally well versed in Judeo-Christian Heritage, the Scriptures, Prophecy and Biblical Archaeology.

Many of our guides are Christian themselves. Some are fluent in multiple languages including Spanish and Chinese.

From the moment you arrive in Israel, our ground staff is available to you 24/7. We have developed honest and reliable working relationships throughout the region and can assist you with additional tours that include services in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Greece and Italy.

Our Guides and Educators

We choose guides who are knowledgeable, well-versed and articulate. They must always be prepared to adapt to the needs of your group. Our guides are fluent in both the Old and New Testament as well as updated on the latest archaeological discoveries. They are flexible, enthusiastic and exemplify true Christian spirit.

If your group has a special interest in archaeology, please be sure to mention this to our tour operator so that new archaeological sites may be included in your itinerary. New biblical archaeological discoveries are happening every season.

And if your group is interested in joining an archaeological dig for a day – let us know!