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Biblical tour for Pentecostal Church

Duration:10 days, 9 nights

The "Teaching steps" of the Temple, Jerusalem


day 1

Departure to Israel

day 2

Arrival in Israel

Overnight in Mediterranean sea-side hotel Tel Aviv.

day 3

“Herod’s Capital City and the Way of the Sea”

Caesarea on the Sea (the Roman capital of King Herod and Pontius Pilate; travels of Peter and Paul), with stops at Roman theatre, Crusader city via new excavation area (including hippodrome) and Roman aqueduct. Muqrakah on Mt. Carmel (the confrontation of Elijah and the prophets of Baal). Megiddo (Israel vs. the Canaanites); see the gate, the Bronze Age temples and high place, stables, exit via water system. Visit Nazareth (boyhood home of Jesus): Church of the Annunciation (with remains of the ancient village) and the Greek Orthodox Church of Mary’s Well (St. Gabriel’s; the village spring; Christianity in the Middle East today). Hippus hike (with view of the Sea of Galilee; time permitting).

Overnight Sea of Galilee.

day 4

“Jesus’ Ministry Around the Sea of Galilee”

Bus stop for view over the lake and orientation. Gergesene demoniac site (Kursi-entrance; early Christians in the Land of Israel). Bethsaida (new excavations; hometown of Peter and John). Capernaum (Jesus’ home base for ministry). Peter Primacy (the resurrection appearance of Jesus by the Sea). Church of the Multiplication (Heptapaegon). Chorazin (the traveling ministry of Jesus). Church of Beatitudes with optional down-hill hike to original hillside Beatitudes site (the Sermon on the Mount; Jesus’ vision for the Christian life). Jesus’ boat museum at Ginnosar. Boat ride to Tiberius. Fish dinner at Tiberius. Optional baptism in Jordan River.

Overnight Sea of Galilee.

day 5

“Jesus’ Withdrawal to Caesarea of Philip”

The Golan Hieghts visit – Road to Damascus (View of Quneitra; Paul’s vision of Jesus), Caesarea Philippi: caves and new excavation area (Jesus’ question to the disciples, “Who do men say that I am?”). Tel Dan (site of one of the golden calves; religious compromise in ancient Israel). Hazor (battle of Joshua).

Overnight Sea of Galilee.

day 6

“Jesus’ Journey to Jerusalem”

Begin your day in Beth Shean; see the Stadium, Theater and the main excavation area; learn about Saul, Jonathan and city life in the Roman world. Drive along Jordan Valley, visit Jericho. Stop at Qumran, the site where Dead Sea scrolls were written. Map marking, Jerusalem preparation.

Overnight Dead Sea.

day 7

“Essenes, Zealots, and Messianic Expectations”

Time to float on the Dead Sea waters, Visit Massada (cable car up and down; Zealots’ last stand). Up to Jerusalem. Stop for view over the Desert of Judea (Wadi Qilt near St. George’s monastery; Jesus’ temptation; Jesus’ last trip to Jerusalem). Panorama over Jerusalem from the south (Haas Promenade). Bethlehem: Church of the Nativity and Grotto and St. Catherine’s Church (birthplace of Jesus). 2nd Temple Model at the Israel Museum, (model of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus) the Dead Sea scrolls display at the Museum.

Overnight in Jerusalem.

day 8

“Jesus’ Ministry in the Temple”

Temple Mount, the Western or Wailing Wall, the Wall Tunnel, the south-west Temple Mount Excavations (the Jewish Temple; the conflict between Jesus and the religious authorities of his day). City of David overlook (Kidron valley promenade; Jerusalem in the time of King David). Citadel Museum (entrance; Upper Palace of Herod). Jaffa Gate. The Bazaars.

Overnight in Jerusalem.

day 9

“Jesus’ Passover and Trials”

Mt. Zion (the Upper City of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus): Essene Quarter, Early Judeo-Christian synagogue (Tomb of David), Last Supper Room (Cenacle; Jesus’ last Passover with the disciples; Passover and the Christian faith), St. Peter Gallicantu (possible house of Caiaphas). Jewish Quarter: Sephardic synagogues, Herodian Quarter excavations (Wohl Archaeological Museum; homes of the wealthy in Jesus’ Jerusalem), Burnt House (evidence of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans), Broad Wall (Hezekiah and Isaiah), and Cardo. Dinner: Biblical Meal Presentation at Biblical Resources in Ein Karem.

Overnight: Jerusalem.

day 10

“The Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension”

Mt. of Olives: Bethany (Lazarus tomb), Chapel of the Ascension (the ascension of Jesus), Eleona Church (Pater Noster; Jesus’ end-times prophecy), Dominus Flevit, Garden of Gethsemane. Stephen’s Gate, Pools of Bethesda (Jesus’ healing of the sick man). Via Dolorosa (Jesus carries the cross): Flagellation Chapel, Sisters of Zion, Holy Sepulchre, Garden Tomb.

Overnight: Jerusalem.

day 11

Departure back home. 

Transfer to the airport for your departing flight home.

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