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‘Shared Covenant, Shared Bond’-Jerusalem’s Bible Lands Museum and the CJCUC

ByKenes Christian Tours February 28, 2017

For Christian visitors to Jerusalem, opportunities for interesting and meaningful experiences seem to be endless.  Home to major sites of reverence to any pilgrim such as the Church of the Holy Sepulcher to the Mount of Olives, the Stations of the Cross of the Via Dolorosa to the Garden Tomb, to the hundreds upon hundreds of smaller less-dominant churches and community encounters, Israel’s capital definitely abounds with opportunities for her many Christian visitors.

So for those searching for something a little more unique and off-the- beaten-path, where do you turn?


Jerusalem's Bible Lands Museum

Courtesy of the Bible Lands Museum. Photo: Oded Antman.

The answer you seek may lie at the internationally-renowned Bible  Lands  Museum (BLM), a unique institution where history meets reality.  Acclaimed as a leading center for cultural and educational programming, the BLM is a one-of-a-kind institution featuring artifacts and exhibitions (both permanent and visiting) on the civilizations of the ancient near east-the setting of the stories of the Bible, from the dawn of time to the early Christian era. More than just a museum, the BLM is an innovative time capsule for visitors of all ages and levels of Biblical-literacy; in addition to its highly interactive exhibitions, it also offers guided tours, intellectually-relevant lectures, and above all else, serves as a spiritually-minded center for anyone who is inspired and guided by the stories of the Bible, its diverse cultural heritage, and fascinating history.

The Bible Lands Museum is currently collaborating with the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC) to jointly host Christians touring Israel, offering enhanced engagement with the history and stories of the Bible which strive to take the visitor from the words on the page to the land of the story and G-d’s word.


The CJCUC, as a center where Christians visiting Israel can study the Hebrew Bible with rabbis and learn about the Hebrew roots of Christianity, has played host to tens of thousands of visitors over the years.  It is uniquely positioned to provide quality, high-level experiential education for Christian visitors to the BLM.  CJCUC educators-alongside the BLM’s in-house Biblical scholars will offer their joint expertise and knowledge to create a perfectly balanced, scripturally-bound experience for visitors.  Individuals and groups alike can request a special, customized biblical session for their visit.  Some topics include:

  • The Revolution of Abraham
  • Family vs. Clans: A Biblical Perspective on the Household
  • G-d vs. gods
  • The Transformation of Tribes into a Kingdom
  • Family Dynamics: The Story of Joseph
  • The 10 Commandments: The Basis of Humanity’s Existence
  • The Names of G-d
  • Moses and the Rock: A Study in Biblical Leadership
  • The World of Esther: For a Time Such as This


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