Friends of Zion Museum beckons with 
the story of the Christians who built the State of Israel

By Kenes Christian Tours December 20, 2016

Jerusalem’s Friends of Zion Museum, which opened in 2015, tells the story of the tens of thousands of non-Jews who played a critical role in creating the reborn State of Israel.


3_foundersThe vision of minster and journalist Dr. Michael D. Evans, the multi-sensory museum teaches the untold story of Christian Zionists.


Meet historical legends like Col. John Henry Patterson, an Irish Protestant who was the commanding officer of the WWI Jewish Legion which fought so valiantly at Gallipoli and elsewhere to gain the Land of Israel for the Jewish People. And Maj.-Gen. Orde Wingate, another Bible-quoting British hero of Israel who in the 1930s established a joint British-Jewish counter-insurgency force to fight against the Nazi-aided Arab Revolt.



But for the many Christian heroes who contributed so much to creating Israel, it is debatable whether the state would have been created in 1948. Every gentile who comes to Israel needs to come here, and to identify as a friend of Zion.




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