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Faith-Based Encounters with Sports in the Holy Land

ByKenes Christian Tours January 1, 2018

Together with our amazing partners at Uniglobe One, one of Canada’s premier travel agencies, Kenes Tours is proud to have hosted the AIA.ORG (Athletes in Action) & C.F.L. (Canadian Football League) Holy Land Tour, which took place this past January 22nd-30th.


Faith-Based Encounters with Sports in the Holy Land

AIA.ORG & C.F.L. Holy Land Tour, January 2017.


AIA.ORG-Athletes in Action is an amazing online and faith-based initiative which seeks ‘to help sports-minded people think and live Biblically at the intersection of sport and Christianity,’ by attempting to ‘…reach athletes, coaches, and sports spectators interested in allowing God to shape their thinking in every aspect of life, including their interaction with sports.’  The unique group included in its ranks prominent religious Chaplains, professional athletes from the CFL, coaches, staff, supporters and spouses-all Christian, sports-minded people, and equipped them with incredible and authentic exposure to sports-related content in Israel alongside meaningful and memorable encounters with the sights and sounds of the Holy Land as experienced in the footsteps of Jesus.


Together with amazing faith-based experiences such as exploring the beautiful Sea of Galilee region, visiting Nazareth, and of course, pilgrimage to Jerusalem’s Holy sites, group participants also enjoyed visiting the Wingate Institute (Israel’s leading sports-training facility and home to leading sports medicine research, the Olympic school of coaches, the IDF’s elite sports unit, and the Israeli sports hall of fame), the Israel Tennis Center, the Canada Hockey Center in Metulla, and perhaps most memorably, a fantastic soccer-workshop with local youth and adults from the Roma Club in Jerusalem.


Founded in 1998 as a fan club of the Italian Roma-Club soccer team by a mixture of Jerusalem-based Italian expats and local supporters, the slogan of the club is ‘Sport Senza Frontiere’– sports without borders. Indeed, the club through all of its endeavors strives to create and support community-based initiatives which foster universal values of equality and mutual respect.  Chiefly amongst these initiatives is the club’s soccer training school and regular tournaments for both local youth and adults, which seek to promote peace and understanding between the many multi-ethnic communities living in Jerusalem.  Our group members had the chance to get in the game and kick the ball around with local Jewish and Arab youth and to meet with Roma Club’s vice president & secretary, Mr. Samuele Giannetti.  The interaction with the local youth on the field was truly a highlight of their trip!


Kenes Tours, together with its parent company Issta Sport & Music, is uniquely equipped to provide high-impact sports-related content opportunities and encounters for your upcoming visit to Israel. We invite you to contact us today and see how we can provide enhanced sports-related action for your next tour in Israel. Check us out >>